This is a VR game designed for fencers of all levels - Every day is a fencing day!


Learn how to fence, hone your skills and survive in a variety of interactive environments. 

Take a lesson from a professor... absolute beginner to highly advanced. 

Use your own fencing skills to win the game .

Spar with the club champion. 

Try to beat the club level 1 fencer...

Keep getting beaten? Have a problem?

Hint, learn his moves!

This is a Beta version, with further improvements to follow.  


Let me know what you would like to see in the game. 

Foil, sabre and multiplayer matches to follow...

It's my ultimate goal to have a fully multiplayer game where you will be able to fence other players the world over, and have a global ranking list.

Have a full list of interactive lessons, beginner to advanced.

Where the player can create his/her own lesson type, change speeds patch together and save what you would most like to do, as your  daily training regime.  

Avatar fencing.

Animate the top fencers style so you can learn and understand their unique timings.